I formed my company, GENERAL PUBLIC with a view to bring good art to more people. As a long-time art lover and collector, I became fascinated with the concept of reproducing paintings using 3-D technology because I believe the artist’s work should be shared by as many people who wish to own it and not just enjoyed by one collector.



At GENERAL PUBLIC we curate great art from within the walls of our studio and from artists across the globe. All artists receive a royalty from each SYNOGRAPH ™ sold.

Portia de Rossi. CEO/Co-Founder



Unlike the current method of printing, which is merely a flat poster version of a painting, our textured prints are almost identical to the original with all the texture and articulation created by the artist.

I like to think of the originals like sculpture molds, and that the prints are as valuable as the original painting. A SYNOGRAPH ™ like a photograph, allows the artist to create multiple works from the original, thereby taking great paintings out of galleries and making them available to the GENERAL PUBLIC.



Since when did the art world become its own world? General Public is accepting artist submissions from around the globe. By making a SYNOGRAPH of your work, you will be able to share your work with as many admirers as you wish. As we watch artists take control of their careers in every other art form, technology has finally caught up with the current trend of cutting out the middle man, allowing painters to follow authors, musicians and actors. Given the time and energy that goes into making paintings, I also believe that there should be more financial upside to each painting for the person who created it, and not just a single sale minus agent’s fees.


Email us a bio and an image of the work you would like us to consider for publishing. If accepted by our panel of professional art advisors, we will ask you to send your paintings/works on paper to us on consignment for 60 days after which time, we ship them back to you. We pay for shipping to GP, you pay shipping to get it back. If your work is selected and printed, you are free to do with your work whatever you choose with the exception of making editions. Join the General Public Collective. It’s time for the art world to join the real world.